Well Woman Examinations

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Contraception and family planning counselling

Intrauterine device/ Mirena evaluation and placement, Jadelle/Implanon evaluation and placement, Essure and Tubal ligations (sterilization)

Sexually transmitted

Screening evaluation and treatment


Diagnostic colposcopy, biopsy and LLETZ treatments

Period problems and abnormal bleeding

Pelvic ultrasound on site Pipelle / endometrial sampling, Surgery as required

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Teenage / adolescent gynaecology

Discussion and counselling

Pelvic Pain, period pain and endometriosis

Evaluation and surgery as required

Ovarian cysts

Evaluation and surgery as required


Evaluation and surgery as required

Vulval conditions

Vulval biopsy and management


Discussion, treatment and surgery as required

Some gynaecological problems come unexpectedly, such as an abnormal smear requiring colposcopy. Other problems can be long standing and often embarrassing, such as urinary incontinence.

Our goal at Omnicare is to provide you with the best gynaecological care in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, where you can talk to us about your needs.

Urinary incontinence and pelvic floor prolapse

Physiotherapy, Ring pessarys, Surgery as required

The menopause

Management of difficult symptoms
Hormone replacement therapy counselling
Alternative therapies


Sally Pritchard is Omnicare’s on-site Physiotherapist. Sally is specially trained to deal with complex and sometimes sensitive issues related to the pelvic floor, like incontinence, prolapse and sexual dysfunction.


Our on-site consultant dermatologist, Tien Ming Lim, looks after general skin conditions for all ages.