Sexual Problems

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Problems with sex are many and varied. Female sexual function is usually divided into three categories; desire, arousal and orgasm.

Problems may be classified into any of these areas or be due to pain. Low libido literally means a lack of sexual desire. Some women may have a perfectly healthy desire to have sex but struggle to become stimulated, others may have no desire but once stimulated enjoy it. Some times these problems can be helped by a gynaecologist and at other times a psychologist.

Gynaecologists can usually help diagnose and treat painful intercourse. Pain during sex usually has a physical reason. The reasons though may vary considerably. Younger women may have pain due to a tight hymen or tense pelvic floor muscles. A tight hymen can be corrected with surgery. Tense pelvic floor muscles usually need the help of a physiotherapist and a psychologist. After childbirth many women suffer from painful scar tissue, the treatment for this might vary from injections into the painful area, physiotherapy or plastic surgery to the vagina. Deeper pain may have many causes some due to gynaecological problems in the pelvis but at other times caused by bowel or bladder pathology. With the menopause pain may be due to the skin in the vagina being thinner or less elastic.

Lack of sensation in the vagina is usually due to weakened pelvic floor muscles or vaginal laxity.

Low libido is usually the hardest problem to treat as the causes are so varied and often difficult to diagnose. Poor sleep, stress, frustration with her partner, young children, alcohol, some medication, chronic illness and low hormone levels are only some of the reasons for low sexual desire.

For most sexual problems it is best to see a doctor or gynaecologist with an interest in the field. Any physical reasons for the problem can then be excluded or treated. The Omnicare gynaecologists work in close association with physiotherapists and psychologists, to ensure our patients get appropriate care, without feeling further traumatised by the experience.

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